How to Win Your Child Custody?

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Child Custody Agreement

– How to Win Your Custody and Visitation Rights when You Cant Reach An Agreement?

You are depressed, worried, and maybe angry. However, no one really wins a child custody. Your sole reason and goal to get your custody or visitation rights is because you believe that as a care giver, you are the most suitable for the best interest of your child for the physical and psychological development. This is actually how the family court will review your case and decide whether they are going to grant you a sole or joint custody.

Child custody and visitation rights become issues when you are unable to agree to court-appointed mediation, or fail to reach an agreement by the end of the mediation process.

If you want to win your child custody rights, you have to become familiar with the child custody laws and how child custody hearings work.

Type of Child Custody

In general, you and your ex are seeking for sole or joint legal and/or physical custody.

Legal Custody: Your right to make educational, medical and religious decisions for your child.

Physical Custody: Your right to have your child live with you and to made daily decisions.

Visitation Rights: Regardless of the legal and physical custody rights, a parent generally will be granted visitation rights by the court with a schedule.

The Lawyer Trap

Talking to your lawyer may be an option you are looking at, or you might have got one already. However, you need to watch out for 2 special types of divorce lawyers:

Those who bring up frequent custody actions for the sole purpose of justifying a larger bill
Those who bring up child custody actions in order to force the other party to give up more property
By the end, both you and your ex will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours just to make the lawyer richer.

Beware of the Father Only and Mother Only Law Firms

If a firm claim that they specialize in fathers rights or mothers rights, you need to watch out. Most such firms are relying on that type of specification as the advertising gimmick. But that specification may make the court view them with suspicions. A good family lawyer typically represents both father and mother.

Dont Criticize Your Ex

The court usually will use the Better Parent stand when granting the custody rights: Both parents together will better take care of the child. Therefore if you are seeking for sole custody, you will have to prove that you alone will be the best to take care of your child.

Criticizing your Ex is not a good strategy because the judge wants to see that you are a better parent in the following areas:

Physical Well-being of Your Child: Such as after school activities and eating schedule show the judge that you can offer your child a healthy life style.

Psychological Well-being of Your Child: Your winning strategy is to show the judge that you encourage the relationship between your child and your Ex.

Protect Yourself

While you are trying to protect your child and be fair to your ex, unfortunately, your ex could be trying everything to steal the child from you. For example, a minor, non-life threatening illness or changing jobs may be used by your ex in the court to take away your custody AND visitation rights!

There are in fact 49 actions that you have to take in order to drastically increase your chance to win your child custody and visitation rights. If you miss one or more of the steps, you may lose the battle and any hearings process thereafter will be a long and costly uphill battle!

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